Bright Red Google Nexus 5 On Sale In Australia

Bright Red Google Nexus 5 On Sale In Australia

Google’s initial Nexus 5 phone shipments sold out very quickly when the Android device was released last November. Will the new “bright red” variant that goes on sale today sell equally fast?

Casing aside, the new Nexus 5 is identical as the other models, and costs the same ($399 for a 16GB model, $449 for 32GB). We’re big fans of the Nexus, principally for its vendorware-free implementation of Android KitKat.

The success of coloured phones often seems to depend on choosing the right shade: Apple’s multi-hued 5C didn’t make a major impact, but the gold 5S was a big seller. Are you tempted by a red Nexus 5?

Nexus 5 [Google Play]


  • I’ll be wrapping it in a case, so the colour doesn’t matter much, but I was after a red case so I’ll probably get the red phone anyway …

  • I was going to make a quip about the lack of availability of the Nexus wireless charging pad, but turns out it is (was) for sale but sold out. So..

    hmm, a coloured Nexus might be tempting (if I didn’t already have a Nexus 5. Black. Oooh is it a good phone!), but a sort of yellow-green would be more tempting, as it’s also the logo colour for my home business (and my favourite colour)

  • Looks sexy. I always liked the polycarbonate Nokia 920s. I still like my sparkly black N4 though…

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