Subway Shambles: The Mystery Of The Smoky BBQ Beef Sub

Subway Shambles: The Mystery Of The Smoky BBQ Beef Sub

If you follow Subway’s Australian Facebook page, you may have recently been tempted by the photos for its new Smoky BBQ Beef Sub. However, if you actually try to order one in store, you’ll likely receive mystified looks from staff who have never heard of it. What gives?

Last night, I stopped by my local Subway in Blaxland with the intention of reviewing the new Smoky BBQ Beef Sub for Takeaway Truth after spotting it on Subway’s Facebook page.

Here’s the accompanying blurb:

“Tried our delicious new Smokey BBQ Beef Sub yet? It’s made from tender 100% beef AND is part of our low fat range…we think that’s a win win! Hurry in and grab a taste today!”

When I attempted to place my order, the sandwich artists looked at me as if I had sprouted two heads.

“Um, we don’t sell that. It’s the first time I’ve heard of it. We only have normal roast beef.”

Perplexed, I fired up the aforementioned Facebook advertisement on my phone and showed it to her, at which point she fetched her manager.

“That’s not one of our products,” the manager flatly explained. “You must be looking at the American site.”

I politely pointed out that is was indeed the Australian version of the website.

“Are you sure that’s the Australian page?” she countered. Plainly, it was.

A further investigation of the Facebook page revealed that I wasn’t the only customer having problems:

I contacted Subway’s customer hotline to enquirer about the mystery sub. The representative we spoke to confirmed that while the Smoky BBQ Beef Sub does exist, it is only available in select Northern NSW stores.

She also confirmed that only those outlets that are participating in the promotion would have been briefed about the new product, which explains the confusion from staff.

We think this is pretty poor form on Subway’s part. The advert on their Facebook page strongly suggests that the sub is currently available and makes no mention of limited availability (to a small section of one state, no less). If you don’t live near Northern NSW, you’re basically out of luck.

In conclusion, don’t bother heading to your local Subway for the express purpose of trying this new sub. For those who are interested, we’ll be posting a different Takeaway Truth sub tomorrow: the Italian Flatbread B.M.T.


  • I ate one of these like 2 weeks ago at my local subway in Northern NSW. Will have to see if it’s still available… Was pretty tasty for those interested.

    • is it really that low fat? looks like pulled pork (beef?) which isnt good for your waist, but damn good for MAH BELLY

  • I’ve never been a fan of the smokey taste to be honest. I’ve noticed it’s making it’s way over here in several products lately (it’s everywhere in the States when I visit).

    • Real smoked taste isn’t really a flavour distinguishable from the meat – the problem is that it costs a lot to make a lot of smoked meat because it takes a long time and a lot of room – so most will end up adding a smoked flavouring – which is usually what sucks hard.

      This looks much more like pulled pork than actual smoked beef to me!

  • Yeah, I think subway really need to learn more about advertising on social networks like that. Just sharing something via your page goes to everyone, not just the people you hope will see it…

  • Many years ago I was living in Melbourne, my now wife in Sydney and we would regularly make the trip along the Hume. Whilst spending some time in Sydney we discovered the delight of the newly released McFlurry (they are not the same these days).
    A few days later as when travelled south we thought we would celebrate crossing the border by the getting a McFlurry from the Drive Thru at Glenrowen. Our order of “2 Oreo McFlurrys” was received with a “What!”. After repeating it 3 times and being told they had never heard of it, we settled on 2 chocolate sundees.
    The next week the “new” McFlurry appeared on Melbourne TV screens!

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