Lunch/Dinner Deal: Get A Subway 6-Inch Sub For $3

Lunch/Dinner Deal: Get A Subway 6-Inch Sub For $3

For a limited time, Subway is selling six-inch Meatball and Ham subs for just $3 each. (The catch is that you have to be in the Sydney area.)

“Hey Sydney, did you know you can grab yourself a Subway Six Inch Ham or Meatball sub for only $3? Just because we love you,” Subway announced on its Facebook page. Evidently, the love doesn’t extend to vegetarians or non-Sydneysiders but them’s the breaks.

The deal will stick around for a few weeks and there’s no limit on the number of subs a customer can buy in one hit. If you like to count calories, here is the nutritional information for each sub (click to enlarge):

If you’re looking for a cheap takeaway deal, the $3 sub is definitely a healthier option than Hungry Jack’s Twosdays offer — especially if you load up on salads and go easy on the sauces.

There’s no word on whether the $3 sub promotion will be extended to the other states in Australia or regions of NSW. According to Subway, each store is individually owned and operated by local franchisees.

“Unfortunately sometimes some stores choose not to participate in promotions,” the company explained. We’ll keep you posted if any similar promotions spring up elsewhere.

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