Lifehacker Maps: Doctor Who In Australia

Lifehacker Maps: Doctor Who In Australia

Doctor Who is celebrating its 50th birthday this week, with an anniversary special that the ABC will broadcast live this Sunday. To celebrate, we’ve put every location in Australia mentioned in the TV series on an interactive Google Map.

References to places in Australia crop up throughout the series, from the recently-rediscovered The Enemy Of The World right through to the Matt Smith era. In putting together this list, we’ve relied heavily on the TARDIS Data Core wiki.

A note for pedants: we’re only counting references in the TV series proper, not the novels, comics or Big Finish audio plays, and we’re not looking at connections to Australia amongst the production crew (such as the composers for the original series, or the fact that actor Mark Strickson studied at the same university as me for a while). We’ve also ignored broad references to Australia that don’t specify a location.

Sydney and Brisbane both have multiple references, so you may want to zoom in.


  • For what it’s worth (not sure if spin offs count) but Sarah-Jane Smith mentions that Tegan is fighting for Aboriginal rights in central Australia during the Sarah Jane Adventures episode “Death of The Doctor”.

  • We’ve also ignored broad references to Australia that don’t specify a location.
    You mean like “off the coast of western australia”, “outback” and “unnamed beach”?
    Or are you talking about instances where someone says “Australia” and nothing else?

  • Hmmm… off the top of my head from the Classic Series:
    Canberra is mentioned as a T-Mat destination during The Seeds of Death. Both Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Opera House get namechecked in dialogue from The Ribos Operation (Con-man Garron talks about one of his deals gone wrong with the Fourth Doctor.)

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