iView To Get New Doctor Who Before TV

The ABC's iView service is already justifiably wildly popular, but its latest move could serve to enhance its audience even more: the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who will show up on iView two days before it appears on TV.

Matt Smith's first outing as the Doctor will be available on iView from midnight Friday April 16, but won't show up on our screens until 7:30pm on Sunday April 18. The episode will air just two weeks after its UK debut. The ABC has often been criticised in the past for its relative sloth in broadcasting new Who episodes, which has led many dedicated fans to resort to Channel BT. This isn't quite a next-day showing, but it's definitely an improvement.

Doctor Who premieres in Australia on ABC iView [ABC TV Blog]


    Nice Move. I just sat down and watched V which I recorded with Foxtel IQ2 from Channel 9 HD - it was broadcast 10 minutes late so I missed the ending, even with the buffer at maximum. Just reminds me why I have relied on Channel BT for eight years.

    While 2 weeks is still a long time i might just wait for it on iView after all i daresay Dr Who isn't very cheap if they want to air it next day. And saving quota from having to CBT it is a bonus.

    How long until computers kill TV?

      They won't.


    Excellent move ABC!

    The first with a rewind service, now among the first for "before tv" broadcasting!

    Seems like the ABC might be the tech wanna work place!

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