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The National Broadband Network (NBN) has outlined its construction plans until June 2016, which will add an additional 1.9 million homes to the network. Have you finally got lucky in the NBN lottery? Find out with our interactive map and full listing of the new locations.


Doctor Who is celebrating its 50th birthday this week, with an anniversary special that the ABC will broadcast live this Sunday. To celebrate, we've put every location in Australia mentioned in the TV series on an interactive Google Map.


Over the weekend, Australia's twitterati got busy speculating about how episodes of Seinfeld might work when set in Austalia, using the hashtags #SeinfeldMelbourne, #SeinfeldSydney and so on. Here are some of the best selections for each city -- a fun way to start a Monday morning and an insight into the different stereotypes that apply in each state.


Australia didn't see its first official Apple store until June 2008 when the George St, Sydney store opened. Fast forward a little more than five years and there are 20 -- enough to make it worth putting them on a Lifehacker Map ahead of this week's new iPhone announcements.


Ghost towns: once prosperous, now empty save for tourists passing through to check out the decaying evidence of former times. We've placed every Australian ghost town we can locate on an interactive map -- more than 150 in total.


The rollout plan for the National Broadband Network was updated again today, with thousands of new locations announced that should see the fibre network installed by June 2016. Is your suburb one of the almost 3000 places that have been added? Find out on our interactive map.