Ask LH: How Can I Find A Job After Being Fired?

Hey Lifehacker, I’ve just been notified that I’ve lost my job due to a client pulling the plug on a rather large deal, meaning my employer has no money. I’m at a loss at what to do, since I only have four months experience working in the IT industry. Any suggestions? Thanks, Career Crisis

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Dear CC,

In the hallowed words of Douglas Adams: “DON’T PANIC!” While it’s never fun to have a job pulled out from under you, the best thing to do is take it on the chin and start looking for a new job immediately.

Assuming you weren’t personally handling the client’s account and caused them to bail through negligence, your termination had nothing to do with work performance. These things happen, and prospective employers will know this.

The fact that your stint at the company was short-lived shouldn’t hurt your chances of landing another job too badly — four months of experience still beats zero experience. Presumably you were still in a junior position which means most other applicants will be similarly fresh-faced.

The first step is to update your resume, making sure to avoid the common mistakes and flaws that can trip applicants up. Our usual advice about tailoring your cover letter and CV for each job you apply for applies here too.

You can find plenty of in-depth tips on all aspects of job hunting via our Job Search, Resumes, Interviews and Career tags. We’ve included some useful posts below, but we’re barely scraping the surface. You can uncover a stack of additional advice by perusing the above tags.

Above all, don’t let early setbacks deter you and keep on trying! If any ex-job hunting readers have advice of their own, please let CC know in the comments section below. Good luck!


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