Taste Test: KFC Zinger Pie (2019 Edition)

Taste Test: KFC Zinger Pie (2019 Edition)
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Longtime Lifehacker readers may remember our original KFC Zinger Pie review from 2013. At the time, we scored it 9/10 and declared it an efficient and filling lunch. Fast-forward to 2019 and the Colonel is finally resurrecting one of his best creations. Read on for our revised verdict!

Jesus Christ. Has it really been seven years since I reviewed the original Zinger Pie? I’ve clearly been doing this shit for way too long. But you probably don’t want to hear about my existential crisis, so let’s get stuck into the taste test.

Takeaway Truth: KFC Zinger Pie

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The KFC Zinger Pie does exactly what it says on the (pie) tin: it’s a chicken pie marinated in KFC’s signature Zinger spices and filled with gravy.

As we noted during the initial launch, a KFC pie is such an ingenuous concept we can’t believe it’s not a permanent fixture on the menu. Alongside chocolate with peanut butter and Fillet O Fish with Peri Peri sauce (try it!), it’s one of the best food combos out there. Add some KFC chips to the equation and you basically have a shepherd’s poultry pie with secret herbs and spices.

KFC has taken an “if it ain’t broke” approach to the Zinger Pie – it tastes pretty much exactly as we remember. The pastry is crisp and flaky with a deliciously soft underside. Despite this, it remains sturdy enough to avoid becoming messy. You could potentially eat this thing one-handed while driving. (But maybe don’t.)

The pie does a good job of showcasing KFC’s signature Zinger chicken – the meat is reasonably chunky and has a good heat kick. The abundance of gravy-based sauce actually leaves a spicier aftertaste than a Zinger burger. This is great for fans of spicy food, but patrons with delicate palates may need to pair this with an icy soft drink.

The KFC Zinger Pie contains 21.9g of fat, 50.8g of carbohydrates, 1176mg of sodium and 25.4g of protein. Interestingly, the new version has a slightly higher kilojoule count than its 2013 ancestor: 2103KJ vs 2068kj.

In other words, KFC just flipped the bird at everyone trying to make fast food healthier. For this, we salute them.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing KFC changed. The price has arguably leapfrogged inflation – jumping from $3.95 in 2013 to a far less palatable $5.95 in 2019. That’s pretty steep for a modestly sized fast-food pie.

On the plus side, you can score a combo with a small fries for $5 until 4pm. This means you’re getting more food for less money. Go figure.

Because of the price change, we’re docking the KFC Zinger Pie one point compared to what its predecessor got. That still leaves it with a bloody commendable 8/10. Would eat again.

(Incidentally, if I review the KFC Zinger Pie in 2026‬, you have permission to kill me.)

Score: 8/10

The KFC Zinger Pie is available nationally now.


    • And… refrain… +1
      “Incidentally, if I review the KFC Zinger Pie in 2026‬, you have permission to kill me.”
      If the KFC doesn’t kill you first..

      Had to laugh… the year I had my stroke, in 2006 I had been indulging quite a bit in KFC which – to state the bleedin’ obvious – is one of many delicious ways to die or come close.

      You and the other bird-flippers will likely be alive, like I am. But when we’re fighting for that disabled spot at the supermarket, I get right of way, ok? … I was way ahead of you.
      2103 KJ… ha ha haha (mirthful shake of head)

  • Just tried one on your recommendation but the deliciously soft underside was more like soggy pie base which detracted from the experience and also made it not very sturdy at all.
    I won’t be rushing to try another one.

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