What Are Australia’s Most Popular Vegetables?

A national survey conducted by the horticulture representative body AusVeg has revealed Australia’s most popular supermarket vegetables. While potatoes continue to be the most farmed vegetable, carrots are the biggest seller, with nearly 95 percent of Australians purchasing a bag last month. The rest of the top ten has a somewhat curious order, with cauliflower managing to trump both capsicum and onion.

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According to the AusVeg poll of 800 consumers, tomatoes were the second most popular vegetable after carrots, with 92 percent of respondents having purchased the vegetable in the past month. The rest of the top ten consisted of potatoes (83 per cent), broccoli (80 per cent), cauliflower (79 per cent), celery (78 per cent), capsicums (76 per cent), white onion (76 per cent), cabbage (74 per cent) and zucchini (74 per cent).

Apparently, the popularity of the humble carrot can be attributed more to their vitamins and nutrients than taste, with nearly 70 percent of respondents purchasing the vegetable because ‘they are healthy’.

While the vegetables that made up the top ten were quite predictable, we were somewhat surprised by their order — the low ranking of onions is especially curious given that it is a staple in so many homemade meals and cuisines. The apparent preference for white onions over the less expensive brown onions was also unexpected. Perhaps we’re not a nation of cheapskates after all. The absence of Asian greens was also mildly surprising given the popularity of Thai and Chinese cuisine in Australia.

AusVeg will continue to run its survey on a monthly basis over the next three years.

“This consumer research provides valuable insights to the Australian vegetable industry that will assist growers in understanding consumer’s preferences over a three-year period,” said Andrew White, AusVeg’s manager of industry development and communications.

“Insights include not only which vegetables are being purchased the most, but also what the triggers and barriers to purchase are and how these might be overcome in order to see growth in purchasing.”

One thing to bear in mind is that most vegetables are seasonal, which may have affected the results (i.e. — while it’s usually possible to buy a vegetable all year round, some consumers prefer to hold off until it is freshly in season).

Which vegetable do you buy more than all the others? Did any of the top ten biggest sellers surprise you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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