Ten Will Stream Homeland's First Episode Near-Live Online

Live broadcasts from overseas are common from sports or award ceremonies, but a rarity for drama. We've seen the ABC broadcasting episodes of Doctor Who online immediately after their UK transmission and Foxtel running some shows within two hours of their US premieres. Now we have Channel Ten promising to show the season opener of Homeland online within 15 minutes of it beginning on US TV.

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TV Tonight reports on the plans, which will see Homeland's first episode for season 3 shown at 1415 on 30 September via its tenplay site. The episode will screen on Ten's channel at 2030 that night. It's apparently not happening for the entire season, and you need to register online in advance to view it.

Despite those minor annoyances, these kinds of moves are welcome; under those circumstances, it's hard to argue that you "need" to access a US stream or download a torrent. I don't expect that will stop people doing both, but we're moving rapidly away from the recent past of overseas shows being delayed months or years before broadcast.

tenplay offers Homeland premiere live with US broadcast [TV Tonight]


    Ten Will Stream Homeland's First Episode Near-Live OnlineHmmm.... pity it's not that good then... :)

    It’s apparently not happening for the entire season, and you need to register online in advance to view it.

    Does that mean that it wont always be shown same day, or just that it wont always be streamed?

    Its a shame that it wont be aired in HD, seeing as Aussie stations dont transmit in HD :(

    Until its HD with 5.1 surround sound you won't get my eyeballs FTA TV Australia.

    Pitty it's already avaliable online... apparently.

      Yeah an incomplete version is.

        The version I got was 54 minutes long with what appeared to be credits it went into :S

      Yeah it was leaked back on Labor Day weekend in the states.. That or Showtime actually showed it in advance.

    I hope it's not using the same streaming system they used for MasterChef. I gave up trying to watch that after the video would constantly jump to the next file/part/chapter while still part way through the current, anywhere from 15 seconds in to 6 minutes. It got so frustrating having to tell it to go back to the previous file then trying to fast forward through to where I was (which most of the time I didn't know as I wasn't watching the timer), only for it to do it again before that part properly ended.

    A system like that would completely destroy a show like Homeland.

    Nope, still NEED that download, because of the Shitty Definition broadcast.

    Ten fail - again. FTA fail - perpetual.

    I'm just going to leave this here

      Foxtel air it at a time when most people are still at work. Maybe if they waited until people are home, there'll be less people needing to download. They also have a massive logo in a corner.

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