Six Creepy TV Shows To Binge Late At Night

We’ve been through creepy stories to keep you up at night, and the best horror games that will put you in the protagonist’s shoes, but what if you just want to sit back, turn the TV on and ‘relax’ with some creepy stories? Here are our top six scary shows to watch.

American Horror Story: Murder House

While much can be said about American Horror Story‘s recent seasons, there’s no denying that the series that started it all is still a masterpiece of television horror. As a disclaimer I’m an unabashed fan of haunted house settings in all kinds of horror, but there’s something about Murder House that really hit the nail on the head with pacing and tension, secrets and reveals and the perfect mix of mundane and supernatural for a 12 episode show.

American Horror Story Season 1 can be streamed on Netflix or Foxtel Now.

Channel Zero

I mentioned this series in my creepypasta list, but it’s worth its own shoutout as a standalone TV series. With each season based on a different creepypasta, Channel Zero dips into the horrors of the internet without shoving it in your face. It’s slow burn, creeping horror, building perfectly over the course of a season’s worth of TV. Unlike AHS, Channel Zero has only strengthened as it moves into new seasons, exploring fresh new concepts rather than relying on old favourites.

Channel Zero can’t be streamed in Australia, but it can be bought from iTunes, Microsoft or the PlayStation Store.


You may have seen Dark referred to as “German Stranger Things” but such a simple description sells the series short. Dark has none of Stranger Things‘ sweet kids-on-bikes nostalgia, but it does have creepy forests, arcane mysteries and an ominous supernatural threat. It’s a little slow to start, but worth sticking with as the show ratchets up the tension, episode by episode.

Dark can be streamed on Netflix.

Scream Queens

If you like your horror a little trashier (and a lot sillier), Scream Queens‘ unique take on the genre is a delight. Set in the pastel pinks and bitchy politics of a college sorority, it combines some of the best (or perhaps worst) of teen drama and old school college slashers. Scream Queens doesn’t take itself seriously, which some people will love and others will loathe. It’s not for everyone, but you should definitely give it a try.

Scream Queens is available to buy on Google Play, iTunes, Microsoft and PlayStation stores.


Another series that I wouldn’t exactly say was good, Slasher‘s two seasons still constitute a pretty solid entry in the (surprise, surprise) slasher genre. With each season focusing on new characters and a new storyline, it’s a good show to pick up for those who prefer neat, self-contained seasons over months-long cliffhangers. Like most slashers, Slasher can get a little contrived at times, but you’re not watching this for the storyline, right?

Both seasons of Slasher can be streamed on Netflix.

The Exorcist

A TV adaptation of the classic film, The Exorcist thankfully goes the smarter route of being a spin-off rather than attempting to remake the original. Set in the same demon-plagued universe, The Exorcist doesn’t quite live up to its namesake, but it still delivers a creepy TV show with some decent scares. If you’ve watched the movie you’ll know basically what to expect, so go ahead and watch a poor little girl battle her literal inner demons.

The Exorcist is available to buy on Google Play or the Microsoft Store.


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