Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

iOS 7 launch week predictably drew lots of interest, but there was also room for parking fines, airsoft guns and contract-free phone plans. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. iOS 7’s Biggest Annoyances (And How To Fix Them)
    The release of any new operating system brings a slew of slight problems and annoyances. iOS 7 is no different. With that in mind, here’s how to fix some of the more common annoyances.
  2. How To Find Everything That’s Moved In iOS 7
    iOS 7 is out today and while it might at first look like merely a new coat of paint, lots of things have moved around too. Before you waste hours trying to figure out how to find a key feature, here’s where everything has moved.
  3. Dev Reminder: You Have No Choice But To Update For iOS 7
    Apple’s iOS 7 update officially launches on 18 September, which means Australians may see it in the late hours of this evening. That makes it timely to remind developers that any iOS app which you’ve already created won’t be able to be updated from now on without making it iOS 7 compatible as well.
  4. Planhacker: Every Australian iPhone 5s/5c Contract Plan (Updated)
    If you don’t want to pay up front for the new iPhone 5s or 5c, you’ll have to sign up for a contract plan. We’ve gathered together every plan available from Optus, Telstra, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone in an interactive spreadsheet so you can choose the best one for your needs.
  5. Are You Planning To Upgrade To iOS 7?
    Apple’s newest version of iOS is coming on 18 September, sporting a whole new user interface and a stack of enhanced features. Few Apple users resist upgrading in the long run, but are you so keen to update you’ll use unofficial versions or happy to wait until the update has been out a few weeks and the initial bugs have been ironed out?
  6. This Is What Happens When You Try To Pay A Parking Fine In Loose Change [Video]
    Most of us have copped a parking fine at one point or another — whether guilty or innocent, it usually leaves you simmering with impotent rage. One disgruntled Adelaide man has attempted to exact some petty revenge on his council by paying a parking fine in five and 10 cent coins. He also recorded the entire incident on video…
  7. iOS 7 Is Here: Everything You Need To Know
    iOS 7 is officially out, bringing major changes for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners. Our comprehensive guides tell you everything you need to know, from how to use the new features and how to fix the major annoyances to which apps have updated to take advantage of the new iOS 7 features. Dive in!
  8. Five Annoying Life Problems You Can Solve For Five Bucks With Fiverr
    Life is filled with tasks we don’t want to do or don’t have the skillset to accomplish. Maybe you need to craft a good resume and business card; maybe you just want advice on learning to code. To solve many of these problems, all you need is five dollars.
  9. Ask LH: Are Airsoft Guns Illegal In Australia?
    Hey Lifehacker, I was wondering: are airsoft guns illegal in Australia? Nerf guns just don’t shoot far enough and don’t look nearly as cool — something about a bendable foamy cylinder to the arm takes the realism out of a firefight. Since I don’t think there is a ‘proper’ Australian retailer for airsoft guns, is it legal to import them?
  10. The Single Best No-Contract Phone Deal For Every Australian Mobile Network
    The savagely high prices for contract deals for the new iPhone have reaffirmed our belief that no-one should buy a phone on contract, or sign up for any kind of contract phone plan. But how can you choose between all the different prepaid and month-by-month plans? We’ve cut through the clutter with one clear recommendation for each of Australia’s main mobile networks.

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