Dev Reminder: You Have No Choice But To Update For iOS 7

Dev Reminder: You Have No Choice But To Update For iOS 7

Apple’s iOS 7 update officially launches on 18 September, which means Australians may see it in the late hours of this evening. That makes it timely to remind developers that any iOS app which you’ve already created won’t be able to be updated from now on without making it iOS 7 compatible as well.

Apple’s developer site confirms that you can’t make even a minor change to existing apps without also ensuring compatibility with iOS 7:

New apps and app updates submitted to the App Store should support iOS 7 and be optimised for iOS devices with Retina display. iPhone apps must also support the 4-inch display on iPhone 5.

That policy ensures that apps are updated frequently, but it does make minor app tweaking harder. Then again, in the competitive world of apps, if you’re not regularly updating chances are you’re falling behind anyway.


  • Just went from benign to BOOM! in no time flat.
    I dont agree with some of the things put on the site but it’s not good bad or ugly.
    chill out and respect people. even if you dont say something nice. let it go dude, i dont even know the author but chill out.

    I was going to say something about how wednesday in Australia means we probably wont get a chance to DL iOS 7 and itunes.

  • If you’re a developer and weren’t working on updating for iOS7 as soon as it became available to devs, you’re lazy, retarded, or both. It’s inexcusable to not have your software updated in time for iOS and MacOS launches, they’re known well in advance and you have access to the tools needed to update.

    • Exactly, anyone working in the it industry should be keeping on the latest like their life depends on it, because their job will

    • I think major development houses have this down pat. The problems come from the “App Entrepreneurs” who try to make a quick buck getting a contractor to build their app. They have no budget for ongoing maintenance or even a concept that maintenance is required. They just get their app built and try to use it as a never ending ATM. Thankfully many of these gimmicky single purpose apps have faded out of existence, and this is probably why…

      • Yeah I’d agree for the most part. I will note that a lot of places that happen to have an app instead of places that are developers for their main focus are also huge offenders *cough* banks

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