Are You Planning To Upgrade To iOS 7?

Are You Planning To Upgrade To iOS 7?

Apple’s newest version of iOS is coming on 18 September, sporting a whole new user interface and a stack of enhanced features. Few Apple users resist upgrading in the long run, but are you so keen to update you’ll use unofficial versions or happy to wait until the update has been out a few weeks and the initial bugs have been ironed out?

Not everyone can upgrade; owners of older iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches miss out for starters. But for everyone else, we’re curious:

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      • Have you noticed that it’s now harder to tell if the SHIFT/CAP LOCK button is activated or not?

        From memory it used to turn a distinctive blue once pressed/activated, but now the grey arrow is merely filled or unfilled. It trips me up as I’m usually pretty hasty when it comes to typing on my phone. I’m not a fan of that change at all.

        Overall though I find iOS 7 to be a great improvement over iOS 6. The incorporation of Control Center is brilliant! So glad Apple decided to rip off this feature and ad it to iOS 😉

        One change I would like to see though; I’m still don’t like how Apple uses a swipe to unlock screen, followed by your passcode screen. In my opinion pressing the home button or lock button whilst the phone is locked should take you directly to your passcode screen, like Android, not a pointless ‘swipe to unlock’ screen. It’s not like Apple uses the swipe to unlock screen to display any information anyway, aside from the date/time, so why the hell is it there?!

        • I’ve been using it for only 2 days, and yeah it’s harder to know at first whether shift is on or off – does light grey background mean on, or does white background mean on? I’m sure after 1 week, I’ll have myself trained to know the difference instinctively.

          Really, this is the smallest possible thing you could possibly rip on ios 7 for.

          • The caps lock button is probably is the smallest thing, as there are a few larger issues with iOS 7 that bug me (but they may not be an issue to other people). Keep a look out for them, they are;

            -iOS 7 detects non-certified lightning cables and prompts you with an annoying alert that must be dismissed

            -it also prompts you about whether you trust a computer every time you plug your phone into a computer that your phone is not sync’d to. Once again you have to address this alert.

            -calendar is less convenient for seeing a summary of entries for a given day as the entries are spread across the 24 hour period, not condensed. So once you select a day you have to scroll through the day to see whether there are later calendar entries hidden off-screen

            -AirPlay icon is not directly accessible in various locations, such as the Music app, so you have to access it via Control Center

            -Where AirPlay is present, such as the photos app, you now have to traverse 3 layers of sub-menus before you can select your Apple TV, whereas previously the AirPLay icon was directly accessible at the foot of the picture.

            -swipe to unlock screen remains, rather than immediately being directed to a passcode screen upon waking your phone (only applicable if you use a passcode obviously)

            -when playing a video (YouTube etc) and you adjust the volume, the overlaid volume indicator is much less transparent than it used to be, so now it’s a huge block in the middle of your screen obscuring what you are trying to watch.

            -I have my phone configured such that Control Center is accessible whilst the phone is locked (so I can use the very handy torch function). There is a fine difference between swiping up to activate the camera from the lock screen and swiping up to activate Control center. Numerous times I’ve been attempting to activate the camera but have accidentally swiped up control center instead.

            Those are a few things that bug me, but overall iOS 7 is still a significant improvement over iOS 6 as far as I’m concerned.

  • Most of my serious work is done on Android; an Xperia Z running self compiled AOSP plus a Nexus 7 2013.

    But I do have one iPad that is used for a proprietary application for my work. For me at least this important application is not mission critical so I am allowed to, and will be, upgrading it next weekend.

    Yay for being a crash test bunny!

    My husband also uses an iPhone, but he is a little bit of a technophobe and has real trouble with changes. His iPhone will stay on 6 and only be upgraded in a few months after he has time to use my iPad.

    It’s hard having a technophobe husband.

    Last night for him was an upgrade from an old Boxee to the lastest XBMC on an I7 Mac Mini… Sometimes upgrades can’t be put off any longer, sadly. It’s very hard for some people to deal with even small change. But my thought is exposing him to OSX will prevent the need to ever torture him with Windows 8.x

  • Does this mean iPhone 4/3G phones will run like crap to force you to buy a new one? If so i’ll be buying a Xperia Z1 or Galaxy S4 thanks.

    • You mean like Android phones, where telcos/vendors generally make you buy a new one to get any OS upgrade?

      Or are you one of those people who expects Apple to continue to support hardware forever? 3G are now 4 generations old, and 4 is 3 generations. At which point do you expect Apple to stop releasing new iOS versions for these phones?

      BTW, you did notice that iOS7 is not compatible with the 3G, didn’t you?

    • What?

      If you’re paranoid about the running speeds then don’t upgrade (I would personally leave it a couple days and youtube someone else’s experience to see what it’s like first hand).

      If you want to change to a Z1 or S4 that’s awesome… but you’re saying it as if Apple are doing you some kind of disservice. If the shoe was on the other foot and you were updating a 4 year old Android to the latest iteration I’m sure you’d be facing a similar problem.

    • Do eeeet!

      But not the S4, it’s not the nicest phone to hold and you find it turns on in your pocket a lot.

      As for the XPeria Z and the soon to arrive Z1 it’s an amazing phone and the one to get when you drop the apple. The Sony really feels great in your hand, it has just enough weight to give the feeling of quality that exudes from almost every design choice. But the screen, the screen is amazing – full 1080p video is always nice – and it’s snappy.

      Just be aware, as it’s a waterproof phone (submersible to a meter) the USB/Phones have plastic caps over them.

  • Your poll doesn’t include the most important option:

    * Only when an untethered jailbreak is publically available, and not a second before

    • People still jailbreak ?. It was definately the way to go for previous iphones but i haven’t needed to jailbreak my phone in a long time, it does everything i want it to.

      • I’ll be jailbreaking if there’s a way to remove the ‘swipe to unlock’ screen, and instead proceed directly to the passcode screen. I’ve only recently begun using a passcode on my iPhone, so it’s still fresh for me in noticing the inconvenience of having to traverse two screens (swipe to unlock screen + passcode screen) before you have access to your phone. Plus, a close friend uses Android, which goes directly to the passcode screen, so every time I see the blasted swipe to unlock on my iPhone I’m left thinking ‘….why????!!’.

      • I jailbreak because activator allows me to set my own shortcuts. e.g. triple click home button for flashlight, double tap time to take you to alarm clock, hold down home button for settings.
        I also have “icaught you” which required a jailbreak. If I lose my phone and someone enters the passcode wrong, it takes a picture of them and sends me their photo and location on google maps.

  • So i have been using it for about a month now, and was playing around with my GF’s iphone, and have to say that ios6 just feels ancient by comparison…

    Well worth the upgrade just for the utility tray!

  • I remember the problems people have had in the past sticking new iOS updates on older phones with slower processors and less RAM, essentially crippling them. I wonder if that Apple’s strategy in giving the update out so freely, to get people hooked on the new UI and bait them to upgrade their phone because it runs painfully slow on the old hardware.
    I’ve been holding on to my iPhone 4 waiting for the 5S to come but have been shocked by the new prices. I’d like to be running iOS 7 but I think I’ll wait to hear how it runs on an old 4 first.

    • The iphone 4 runs horrible on even iOS 5 and iOS 6. You’ve been missing out on new software features for years. Why not upgrade?

  • I have iOS 6 with a jailbreak. I’d miss my jailbreak too much if I upgraded. I’ll upgraded when they jailbreak iOS 7. I just love being able to set my own shortcuts with activator and have the icuaght you app if I lose my phone.

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