iOS 7 Is Here: Everything You Need To Know

iOS 7 Is Here: Everything You Need To Know

iOS 7 is officially out, bringing major changes for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners. Our comprehensive guides tell you everything you need to know, from how to use the new features and how to fix the major annoyances to which apps have updated to take advantage of the new iOS 7 features. Dive in!

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  • I received an email from Native Instruments warning that if you use any audio creation apps like synthesizers, daws, etc that you shouldn’t rush into the upgrade just yet as there seems to be problems with iOS7 and audio. Can anyone elaborate on what these problems are?

    • Without having any info about iOS 7 compatibility specifically, I would still advise no update until all of your audio related developers give the full thumbs up.

      Updates are always scary with audio software. My Mac still runs snow leopard as this was the final OS that ran pro-tools 8 smoothly. On paper lion should have been fine, in practice, issues everywhere.

      Same situation with reason on my PC.

      One of the things audio people have to live with.
      Having said that, all my devices are ROCK SOLID. I will typically update and tweak in bursts until I get a solid system and then settle on it for 2 or more years.

  • Realised before work this morning it was ready but didn’t have time to install it. Come on 5 o’clock!

    Has anyone updated their 4s yet? I’m curious if there are any performance issues people have run into.

  • Looks a bit like a kids toy if you ask me, also a lot of design inconsistencies.. but there’s some nice functionality changes though.

  • done iPhone’s 4, 4S and 5 – the 4 lags sometimes but still fine – no issues to complain of yet anyway

  • one minor issue is that you can set a four hour password lock until you access an exchange server when the password lock becomes 15 minutes.
    Once you disconnect from exchange, your four hour lock came back on iOS 6 but with iOS 7 you have to manually set it to four hours.

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