How To Manage Your Money Smartly [Video]

I took part in a live Google Hangout discussion today as part of MoneySmart Week. Missed it? You can check out the full video right here.

My fellow panellists Bosco Tan from Pocketbook, Effie Zahos from Money Magazine, Zoe Lamont from 10thousandgirl and host Michelle Hutchison run through topics ranging from saving for travel to whether you should pay mortgage lender's insurance. Thanks to the team at for organising it!


    Great post. I found this really interesting. A lot of money advice sites simply tell you to spend less: eat at home, don't socialise, etc; without considering the broader demographic and its spending habits.

    What would the panel advise when it comes to using DI to reduce debt, vs putting DI into savings?

    Great advice from all panellists, really helpful tips.

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