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Mac: Finder isn't the most exciting thing about OS X, but it's the backbone for how you navigate the operating system. It's your file browser, your search engine and your management area, but few of us really dig into everything it can do. With that in mind, here are a few tips and tricks for getting a bit more out of Finder.


Mac: Quicklook is an awesome feature that lets you quickly preview files without opening them. Here is a Finder hack that makes Quicklook even more useful: when you hit the space bar on a text document or PDF, you can select and copy text from the previewed document.


Mac OS X is big on not using the keyboard: drag-and-drop is the default approach for many activities. But if you do want to reduce your mouse (or trackpad) dependence, there are some useful keyboard options on offer. Here are the ones recent switchers from Windows will find the most useful.


Where Windows has Explorer, Mac OS has Finder. Both let you preview and manage files and launch applications, but there's some notable differences in how they work, especially if you use the keyboard for navigating. Here's the main ones to watch out for.