This Video Puts 14 Frugal Life Hacks To The Test

In this video, John Green from Mental Floss is back to test 14 popular money-saving hacks that are slinking around the internet. More of them pass than you might expect.

You’ve probably seen some of these hacks here, including shaving with peanut butter. His tests aren’t always perfect or scientific in any way, but he always tests some great tips. Not only can you see if these tips work, but you can see how well and get a good laugh all the while.

14 Money Saving Life Hacks [YouTube]


  • “John Green from Mental Floss” – said like one of the guy’s books isn’t one of the current most talked about worldwide. THAT BEING SAID – I knew him from the internet before I heard of his books.

    • He does that a lot, “ill just pour in 15x more vinegar than there is mayo, what can go wrong”. Its like he only reads the headlines of the ‘hacks’ and not the actual steps, so the only ones that pass are either the dead simple ones or ones he flukes.

  • Further tip with peanut butter shaving cream,,,,have a slice of bread standing by to wipe your peanut buttery razor on to, then voila! a post shave snack.

  • Lemons cost $1 each at my local store yesterday. I think cleaning products would be considerably lower. However, if you happened to have an already used lemon, it would make more sense.
    And he is way off in his statement about the cost of heating the curling wand being more than the cost of wrapping paper, probably in the order on a couple of thousand times.

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