Make 20 Cheap, Healthy Meals From Pantry Staples With This Chart

Make 20 Cheap, Healthy Meals From Pantry Staples With This Chart

This graphic is like a cookbook in flowchart form. It teaches you how to make many different, inexpensive dishes using common pantry essentials such as onions, tomatoes and beans.

Designed Cressida Bell created this How To Cook Real Good Cheap Easy Food, describing it like this:

For STAGE 1, gently fry an onion. At STAGES 2 and 3 add flavour and excitement with a range of ingredients from tomatoes to beans, peppers, mince or chicken, garlic, herbs and spices, following the arrows to the recipe of your choice. From Couscous to Bolognese Sauce, Chilli con Carne to Minestrone, good food is at your fingertips.

En route you are given recipes for cooking pasta and rice – and there are 2 handy shopping lists showing the ‘Basics’ and ‘Extras’ – as well as the minimum kitchen equipment you will need. The instructions also give suggestions for vegetarian and low-fat options.

Easier than a cookbook, more readable than an iPhone app and more convenient than an online recipe this chart not only provides the fundamentals of good fast food but is also a basis for a lifetime of cooking and a highly decorative and covetable designer poster.

The printed poster is available for purchase at Bell’s online shop, and there’s a vegetarian version too. Here’s the graphic:

Make 20 Cheap, Healthy Meals from Pantry Staples with This Chart

Cressida Bell’s Cookery Poster [Cressida Bell via Good]


  • I have never imagined that you can make so many meals using only onions, tomatoes and beans . I’m being too lazy to experiment with various meals every day and this chart made me feel ashamed of my laziness. Seriously, eating healthy on a budget is not a myth as many of us used to think and this guide helped me a lot with that They also recommend buying frozen vegetables and it makes perfect sense to me because they are cheaper. And I think refusing to pork and beef is also a good idea because chicken, beans and fish will give me enough proteins to feel good and stay healthy. Thanks for the post!

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