Give Most Fruits The Sniff Test To See If They're Ripe Or Not

Give Most Fruits the Sniff Test to See If They're Ripe or Not

When in doubt, use your nose. That's how you'll know if pineapples, peaches and other fruits are ripe.

Secret Tips from the Yumiverse illustrated a cheat sheet for knowing when a fruit is ripe or not and says both smell and weight can clue you in on when to eat or buy them:

For many summer fruits, smell is a good indicator of their ripeness. For peaches, pineapples, cantaloupes, and mangoes, their stem ends should smell sweet like how they should taste. For most fruits, they should feel heavy relative to their weight, which is a good indicator of their inner juiciness.

Head to the Yumiverse to check out the cheat sheet.

How to Tell If It's Ripe or Not: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Tricky Fruits [Secrets from the Yumiverse]


    Smell used to be the best way to pick a good rockmelon. Then alot of messing around with the varieties grown took place. Now it's a waste of time to base a purchase on the scent.
    Similarly, the visual cues. These days, some of the best tasting rockies are the least promising looking - and vice-versa.

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