How To Remove Wine, Ink, Sweat, Coffee And Grass Stains From Your Clothes [Infographic]

As any Curb Your Enthusiasm fan will tell you, the secret to getting spilled wine out of fabric is club soda and salt. Unfortunately, the show never did an episode on ink, sweat, coffee or grass stains – which is where this infographic comes in.

There’s no shortage of DIY tricks for removing stains on the internet. This inforgaphic from The Secret Yumiverse collects six popular remedies for ink, sweat, coffee, grass stains and wine. (If you’ve managed to get all six stains in one go, we’d wager you’ve had an interesting night.)

Okay, so it looks like it was cobbled together by a six-year old, but we think it’s still a handy cheat sheet: stick it on your kitchen for quick reference during emergencies! For more stain-removal tips, check out the ever-relevant Stain Solutions search engine.

[Via The Secret Yumiverse]