Avoid Jet Lag With This Start-To-Finish Cheat Sheet

Avoid Jet Lag With This Start-To-Finish Cheat Sheet

Jet lag can be difficult to overcome no matter how used to travelling you are, but blogger and illustrator Yumi Sakugawa has put together a simple start to finish graphic to help you overcome even the longest flights.

You’ll need to adjust your sleep and wake schedule ahead of time, keep yourself hydrated and avoid heavy meals at first. The handy part of Sakugawa’s graphic is that it breaks down how to beat jet lag starting with the days before you leave and ending upon you arrival. Have your own jet lag tips? Be sure to share them in the comments.

9 Tips for Overcoming Jet Lag [Secrets of the Yumiverse]


  • Good to see they fixed the 4th panel, i was wondering how to obtain the superposition of being both awake and alseep at night time.

    Though my experience with flights MEL to LAX, I’ve been doing 4, 5 and 6 and i get almost no jet lag there and only a little jet lag back (going there isnt a big deal as you arrive a few hours before you leave so if you can get just enough rest on the plane your good to soldier on till bed time, LAX to MEL is much worse but thanks to not watching too much video on demand i was able to rest enough, not sleep but just rest)

  • I can’t sleep on planes ever because i sleep light and wake up to the slightest noise.
    In which case I overcome jet lag on long haul flights by treating the flight as a 24 hr work shift. 🙂
    Just staying awake for the ENTIRE flight, then taking a long sleep afterwards.
    If you are lucky enough to get in-flight entertainment do the following:
    Watch the movie you least want to watch first, then watch another, then see the movie
    you really wanted to see. Check if there is stuff you’ve already watched too.
    This kills about 9 hours, then you have a few left to eat, urinate etc, flight lands to refuel.
    Then do it all over again :), watch the movies a 2nd time

  • How to avoid jet lag:

    Step 1 – Arrive at airport, immediately start drinking.
    Step 2 – Get on plane, continue drinking.
    Step 2.5 – Make sure cabin crew don’t cut you off for acting too drunk.
    Step 3 – Land, immediately start drinking.
    Step 4 – Continue drinking until reasonable hour of sleep (earliest: 9pm), then wake up the next morning feeling extremely hungover but otherwise adjusted to the timezone.
    Step 5 – Hair of the dog.

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