Get Property Advice With Onthehouse’s New Android App

Get Property Advice With Onthehouse’s New Android App

Looking to buy a new house? The property portal Onthehouse is releasing an Android version of its ‘Property Value Search’ app which allows users to search, research and compare over 13 million property data sets.

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Like its iOS sibling, the Android ‘Property Value Search’ is aimed at home-owners, property investors and real estate agents who want to keep abreast of what's happening on the market.

The app allows users to search and scroll through detailed property profiles (including value estimates), compare properties that are for sale/recently sold and check out individual properties' sales histories.

App Functions

  • Property Profile Report: Displays available information on the actual property, this may include images, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, number of car spaces, land size, land value, plus additional information for the property as available.
  • Property Sold History Report: Actual recorded sold history on individual properties – what it sold for, when it sold and the type of sale.
  • Comparable Properties: Comparative report on an individual property including comparative listings for sale and comparative recently sold properties. View other properties in the area that are similar to this one.

“This isn't just another listings app – Property Value Search gives consumers easy access to the data that other sources make you pay for," Onthehouse CEO Michael Fredericks boasted.

"Given the popularity of the app for iOS, we thought it was high time to launch an Android version for our non-Apple using fans."

You can download the Android version of the app now from the Google Play Store.