Check If Your Next Rental Property Is NBN Ready

Check If Your Next Rental Property Is NBN Ready
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Renting sucks. Finding an affordable place sucks. Finding a place that will accept your application sucks. Not least of all, being at the mercy of Australia’s fractured internet landscape and gambling on what sort of connection – if any – your new home will have sucks.

Now you can search for NBN ready properties to make the process suck a little less. has launched a new app on Android and iOS that incorporates their site’s existing search features to search for NBN ready properties across Australia.

Instead of having to fuss about by searching for properties on the NBN rollout map or hoping that the rental listing includes “NBN” as a feature, users can just tick a box and the search will filter for properties that can connect to the NBN. Property listings for NBN ready places include what type of NBN connection the rental has: fixed line, wireless or satellite.

“For renters, knowing they can search for their next place by the most up-to-date data is key,” said CEO Greg Bader.

You still have to go through the process of signing up with an NBN provider once you move in but no app is going to solve all of the hassles that come with renting.

Juggling all of the relevant information about rental listing as you visit property after property is a pain. Combining it all into a simple app to help track everything makes finding a rental just that little less suckier.

“With a growing focus on customer experience, particularly in the real estate industry, there’s a real need for customers to be able to access all information about a property with just a touch while they’re on the go,” said Head of Development, Adam Tohovitis. also rates properties’ ‘walkability’ which tells you how easily you can perform daily errands without a car and lets you know about the public transport options in the area.


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