Android App Simplifies House Hunting

Around here, we don't like Android apps that look like cheap and lazy bookmarks. Fortunately,'s new Android app doesn't fall into that category, offering a well-integrated experience if you're looking for a property to buy or rent.

As you'd expect, the app lets you search for properties, and can use your current location as the basis for a search. You can easily flip between a list of search results and a Google Maps display of where those are by tapping the maps button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can filter your results by number of bedrooms, bathrooms or price range, and expand your search into adjacent suburbs if you want to.

My one complaint? The app flat-out refused to install on a Galaxy Tab 10.1v running Honeycomb. It didn't even show up in the app search results on that device, which suggests that it's deliberately excluding itself from newer devices, and that's a pity.

The app is a free download for Android devices. [Android Market]


    now to convince the banks that apps for android are worth their time... Westpac - still with nothing to offer not even a cheap link to a mobile site... their IT dept. must be just below retarded.

    Look pretty good at first


    Why can't I see the floorplan?

    The existing web site already renders well on a mobile browser and provides access to the floorplan where provided.

    Back to the bookmark for me!!

    I has the same problem on me Galaxy S, just tried 3 more times then it worked.

    Was this app written by a typically insecure iPhone guy who is afraid of the Android generation?
    No rotate - no zoom - no link to floorplans - no saved searches - no saved properties --- so yesterday!


    Please try again.

    How about ?

    Main complaints I cant zoom, see floorplans or add comments. When U share with a friend all they get is the text and no link to realestate site. He then cant find the properties on Also cant batch send favourites, must do

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