Property Match Is Tinder For Houses

She's a brick house... quite literally. Domain's latest app allows you to select or reject potential properties based on a simple flick.

Property Match won't actually launch for a little while, but it would appear from its description that Domain's going after the Tinder-crazed house buyer crowd. Who knew there was such a thing?

In any case, the promise of Property Match isn't a hundred miles from the dating app, except in this case you're building a profile around the kind of property you're looking for, selecting and rejecting properties as they become available and building up a view of the kinds of things you're looking for in a property.

When it does launch — said to be "spring", which gives Domain a fair amount of leeway — it will be as an iOS and Android app. If you're particularly keen, you can sign up now to be told when it will be available over at the Property Match web site.

Property Match [PropertyMatch]

Disclosure: Domain is owned by Fairfax, which also owns Allure Media, the publisher of Lifehacker.


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