It’s Free Macca’s Breakfast Day And The Queues Are Tiny

It’s Free Macca’s Breakfast Day And The Queues Are Tiny

When we heard about McDonald’s Free Breakfast Deal promotion, we were expecting long queues and a lengthy wait. However, you should be served pretty quickly if our local outlet is anything to go by…

Over the next month, McDonald’s Australia is offering free breakfast items each Monday morning, beginning with today’s free Bacon McMuffin. There’s no catch or additional purchase requirements (although there is a limit of 1000 freebies per store and only one item per customer).

The above photo is what the line looked like at McDonald’s Circular Quay restaurant at approximately 8am. As you can see, demand for the free breakfast isn’t particularly overwhelming.

“It’s normally quiet on a Monday which is why we introduced this promotion in the first place,” the manager on duty told us. “We expect it will probably pick up later in the morning.”

We can’t comment on the level of demand at other McDonald’s stores but if you want to be served quickly, we’d advise turning up before 9am just in case. (We’ll check back in in with our local outlet just before 10am and see if the lines have gotten any bigger.)

Update: We just checked back at the Circular Quay store (approx. 9:45am). The line was still tiny.

Here’s what McDonald’s will be offering for free each Monday:

  • Monday 29 July: Bacon and Egg McMuffin (value $3.25)
  • Monday 5 August: Hashbrown (value $1.80)
  • Monday 12 August: Small Orange Juice (value $2.85)
  • Monday 19 August: Sausage McMuffin (value $2.60)

Select outlets — including all stores in Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory — are not part of the promotion. Sorry guys.

Free Hungry Jack’s Breakfasts On The Way?

As an interesting side-note, we asked our local Hungry Jack’s if they’d be willing to match McDonald’s free menu item today. The answer was “no”, but the employee we spoke to did confirm that Hungry Jack’s would be launching a similar promotion in the next week or so.

“We just got the email from head office. There’s been no advertising yet but we’re definitely going to run our own Free Breakfast thing soon,” she told us.

Update: It turns out the Hungry Jack’s employee may have been misinformed. We just heard back from Hungry Jack’s who said there are no plans to roll out a ‘free breakfast’ item at present. Tch.


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