Dealhacker: McDonald's Free Breakfast Deal

Over the next month, McDonald's Australia is offering free breakfast items each Monday morning. That's tempting for fast food junkies, but there are a fair few strings attached.

Here's how it works: between 7am and 10am on the next four Mondays, McDonald's outlets will offer one breakfast item for free. There's a limit of 1000 freebies per store on any given day. This is what's being offered:

  • Monday 29 July: Bacon and Egg McMuffin (value $3.25)
  • Monday 5 August: Hashbrown (value $1.80)
  • Monday 12 August: Small Orange Juice (value $2.85)
  • Monday 19 August: Sausage McMuffin (value $2.60)

The major restrictions? The deal isn't running at all in Queensland, South Australia or the Northern Territory, and individual stores may elect not to participate (so make sure to ask before demanding your free item). That restriction is bound to apply at airport McDonald's locations, and the T&Cs also list eight locations in Victoria where the deal isn't being offered.

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As enterprising OzBargain commenters have pointed out, in theory there's nothing to stop you from visiting multiple stores for the same free item, especially in CBD locations. The biggest difficulty is likely to be if the stores run out of the 1000 free items fast. Also: eating multiple hashbrowns (when did that become one word?) is not good for you.

In practice, I imagine many people will end up buying something else while they're there — that's certainly what McDonald's will be relying on. The McMuffin deals are the only ones that could serve as an actual breakfast.

One of my favourite final details? McDonald's reserves the right to cancel the promotion in the event of "infection by computer virus".

McDonald's [via OzBargain]


    McDonald’s reserves the right to cancel the promotion in the event of “infection by computer virus”.

    HAH so what that means if thier systems get infected with a virus they will ONLY have the free deals impacted but thier day to day sales wouldn't be impacted. Riiiight. And also I think if we break out into WAR the last thing on my mind will be Maccas free Bacon & Egg or OJ

    There's also an under 18 clause that basically says you need parental consent if underage. Not sure if any stores would actually enforce that or not, but something to consider if you're under 18.

    There is an offer going on in QLD. You need to purchase a coffee and you will get a free Double Bacon BBQ roll. And it doesn't have a 3 hour window. It's for all of breakfast.

      I find that to be a *far* better offer. I can endure their shitty coffee (I'll get a mccafe coffee instead lol) as the Double bacon bbq rolls are quite delicious!

    1000? Can you imagine how many people go to any given Maccas? 1000 is nothing..

    "The deal isn’t running at all in Queensland, South Australia or the Northern Territory"

    I lol'd at this. I remember the insanely cheap cheeseburger promotion that was had some clause that stated "limit 2 per family" or something like. This irritated SA's northern suburb bogans quite a bit.

    They cancelled this promotion in Perth - boooooooooooo!

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