Reminder: McDonald’s All Day Breakfast Is Now Available Everywhere

Reminder: McDonald’s All Day Breakfast Is Now Available Everywhere

Following successful trials in Victoria, Tasmania and the South of Sydney, McDondald’s All Day Breakfast menu has finally launched nationwide. In other words, Sunday’s best hangover cure no longer has a 10:30am curfew.

This weekend, you can get McDonald’s breakfast items from every outlet across Australia. Available menu items include Bacon & Egg McMuffins, Sausage & Egg McMuffins, Hashbrowns and Hotcakes — all of which are available to purchase 24 hours, seven days a week. Click here to see McDonald’s full All Day Breakfast menu.

The decision to launch an all-day breakfast was prompted by frequent costumer requests, particularly weekend revelers and late-night shift workers who require a brekky fix at odd hours.

I picked up a Sausage & Egg McMuffin the other night and chased it down with a cheeseburger. Unhealthy? Unquestionably. But it was also wonderfully delicious. On the downside, you’re looking at a longer wait in the PM with breakfast items made to order.


  • This is fantastic news, and another reason it is great to be in Australia, even if this will cause a slight hit to my healthy habits. I do have a question though, is it really a downside that my Sausage McMuffin will be hot and fresh?

  • Bit of a delay when i ordered 2 Bacon and egg mcmuffins and hash brown at 4.30 pm but didn’t mind because i was able to order a bacon and egg mcmuffin at 4.30 pm.

  • I love the sausage egg muffins so this is all good. But I also love cheeseburgers, are they available 24/7 now or we still stuck with breakfast menu only in the mornings??

  • Anyone else kind of miss when McDonalds was fast food? I waited at the counter for a good five minutes without being served before leaving the other day. If I wanted to stand at a counter without being served I’d go to KFC.

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