Would You Want An iPhone Without Apple?

iOS frustrates many users due to its many restrictions on app developers. In the beginning, Apple made the best apps for the iPhone, and this didn't matter. Now, third-party developers create amazing software that can't reach its full potential due to Apple's walled garden. What if Apple stayed out of the iPhone altogether and relied on third-party developers for the core software?

Would that turn into a disaster, the best thing to ever happen to the platform or something in between?

Take Apple out of your iPhone [MacWorld]



    But I do wish it was legislated that all companies had to release source code and hardware manuals for old hardware that they don't sell anymore. Then they could be repurposed and have a much greater extended life than most of the limitware junk we are used to.

    Be nice if the link to the actual story worked..!

    iOS, Apps, Core Audio and Core Midi is what keeps me using the iPhone. I would be using a 5 inch phone by the likes Nokia, HTC, etc, if they ran iOS.

    Most likely, their hardware is pretty good, iOS is crap.

    exactly! this is why i recently switched to a S4.. & loving it! Once apple started winning the cat & mouse jailbreaking game I started to loose interest in their (lovely) devices.

    My current Win8 ultrabook boots to where I can use Skype faster than my iPhone can boot to make a phone call. I wish I could easily roll back a few iOS major releases - each one gets more sluggish.

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