Pleasure Yourself Daily For Better Creativity

We pass this on purely for information. Underground music legend Lou Reed says that daily masturbation can help improve your creativity.

Picture: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Mumbrella reports that at a press conference Reed held at the recent Cannes advertising awards shindig, someone asked him how he stayed creative as he grew older. He answered deadpan: "I masturbate every day." This may have been driven by annoyance, but we're going to take it at face value. Now, as you were.

Lou Reed: making music for ads is not selling out [Mumbrella]


    That would explain why I was so creative in my teens and through my 30's, he he

    I masterbate before every Internet comment I make. I get a little sleepy if I enter a flame war but I am very creative.

    Now lets all get a hold of ourselves here!

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