ABC iView For iPhone Launching This Summer

The iPad app for the ABC's much-loved iView catch-up service came out on the iPad a year ago. Now it looks like we'll be getting an iPhone version of the same app before too long.

Mumbrella reports that ABC boss Mark Scott reported the imminent launch at the Walkleys conference in Brisbane last week:

This summer, when iView comes to the iPhone, so many more people will have a choice of 500 of our programs to watch on the bus.

We wouldn't actually advise using iView extensively on the bus, since you'll chew through your data allowance fairly quickly. It's a welcome development nonetheless.

The same post at Mumbrella also mentions that Foxtel is planning a full free catch-up TV service for subscribers via their existing set-top boxes, which will launch around March next year. That's an interesting development we'll keep an eye on as well, but the ABC announcement has us more excited, in large part because it's a free service. Foxtel to launch catch-up TV service as ABC boss laments inability of free networks to work together on Aussie Hulu [Mumbrella]


    I love how I can watch it on an Android phone already :-D

    :-( no Android Love for my Gorgeous Galaxy Note :-(

      You can just use the flash website. It works well enough. If my Mum can figure it out on her Android tablet so can you.

        Off topic... This is news about the iPhone getting access to iView

          Id like to use iview on my iPhone

    Nice one. Got a well worded email from ABC about how it was difficult to make it happen on the iphone quite a while back.

    That said, very happy. Great to see, and a brilliant app on the ipad.

    Cough - didn't happen

    ^ +1 this is such a shame...

    Come on ABC!!!

    Can't wait to watch iView ABC on my iPhone

    Any tips on getting a proxy account for Oz working for it?

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