• You Can Overcome ‘Creative Mortification’

    You Can Overcome ‘Creative Mortification’

    Have you ever suffered creative mortification? Coined by educator Ronald Beghetto, the term describes losing your willingness to pursue a creative avenue following a negative outcome. Maybe you gave up on stand-up comedy forever after your set at the open mic night was met with murmurs instead of laughs, or you burned your accordion after…

  • Stop Believing These Myths About Creativity

    Stop Believing These Myths About Creativity

    When you think about creativity, who do you imagine? A tortured artist, perhaps? A child without preconceived notions of the world? A group of people brainstorming, or someone who comes up with a mind-blowing idea while stoned? All of these represent myths we tell ourselves about creativity. If you’re not one of those folks, good…