Most Australian Bloggers Aren’t In It For The Money

Most Australian Bloggers Aren’t In It For The Money

It’s not exactly a surprising finding, but it’s good to have some numbers to back it up: a survey of Australian bloggers suggests that most people share their thoughts online for personal satisfaction rather than a means of making money.

Mumbrella reports that blog platform company Nuffnang surveyed 594 of its members and asked them why they had stuck with blogging. 49% said it was for self-satisfaction, while 17% said it was to help build a name for themselves.

If you keep a blog, what gives you the inspiration to keep it going? Tell us in the comments.

Survey: Self satisfaction is the main reason to blog [Mumbrella]


  • After writing a travel blog for a while now I had thought about monetizing my site to try to make a little cash on the side. In the end, though, I found that that would against the reason for starting the blog in the first place.
    I started writing it so that I could practice my writing while feeling a sense of achievement from each post. If I had chosen to write a book first off, that sense of getting something done probably wouldn’t come around for a few years but with the blog I can quickly write a post on my phone or tablet, send it in, have it online and that is that.
    If I monetised the blog I would feel under pressure for getting more content in instead of being able to write when I like without feeling like I need to write more to get more people to click on my ads.
    Hobby writing is my easy way of staying sane.

  • I keep mine mostly as a handy place to dump chunks of information. Instead of explaining a sometimes-complex task or concept off the top of my head, I can post a quick link and then answer any questions. If I do something complex enough to take a day or two, chances are I should write down what I did just so I can refer back later.

    It’s nice when somebody on the internet finds a post useful, but the blog has already served it’s purpose as a brain dump.

  • I write for a tech blog names technoladget. You can check it out by clicking my link if you want. We were going for months without making any money from it, then a couple of months back we thought maybe we should start to monetize our site. Then the other day adsense randomly without provoction disabled our account. We’re back to no ads now. It’s me and 4 other mates, we’re all 14 and right now it looks like its just working towards a resume.

  • I pay wordpress money to keep it clear of ads, and for my own domain name. One of the first things people ask me when I tell them that I am getting a decent amount of hits, is are you making money from it? and the answer is no, I do it because I love it, and that I answer to no one, once you accept pay then you have to keep up stricter standards and you aren’t writing just for you and it’s no longer just for fun, and that’s important for keeping my internal motivations going. I’ve been blogging now and building up a readership with readers, new and old for 3 years now, and feeling obligated to write would not be the same as writing because I want to.

  • I’m more surprised that anyone makes money from a blog at all. I’m putting together a blog for showcasing short stories basically for the fun of it, and I write game reviews for an Australian game blog and that’s pretty much 4thelove. (although I do get free review copies).

  • I run a review site and a howto site for developers and others to showcase their products and offer the readers a chance to get some mileage out of it. Writing and co-ordinating does take up a lot of time and it does cost some overheads, I have it on my own domain, and I try to add more functionality for the readers to benefit from. It would definitely help with some form of donations and sponsorships, but I have managed so far and I guess I can manage it further too.



    • Sign up to nuffnang or a similar website my friend. Most Australian companies with a social media strategy are starting to include a blogging element. If your blog has any relevance to a product category you can make some sweet cash with sponsored posts (like giz and Microsoft etc)

  • I make ocassional blogs on wordpress about funny or annoying stuff that happens at work.
    Similar to Joshua above, I blog because I enjoy the creative outlet, and because I work in an industry (audit) where the working week offers limeted opportunity to express creativity in other ways.
    Like Sarah, though, I would think quite differently about it if people were paying me to do it. I’d feel like it was another job rather than something personal and fun.

  • I don’t do it for the money – though it would help, but I am more after the satisfaction of people reading my posts enjoying it, and coming back. Oh, and helping people with their PC’s. I do it for free, but would like to be compensated for me time – even though that rarely happens.

  • I run one blog alone and another with a friend, both relating to books and reading. I do it as an extension of my hobby (reading) and have actively avoided all approaches to monetize either one. I have a day job that pays well enough, the blogs are for fun to ‘meet’ other people who share my interests and, like others above have said, it offers me a chance to be a little creative (which the day job does not do).

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