People Make Really Dumb Complaints About TV Ads

People Make Really Dumb Complaints About TV Ads

The price you pay for having a system where TV content is subject to regulation via viewer complaints is that sometimes people make really dumb complaints. Media blog Mumbrella has rounded up 25 of the most ludicrous complaints about Australian advertising sent to the Advertising Standards Bureau.

In this embarrassment of riches, it’s hard to pick out the single most ludicrous example, but the complainant who suggested that an advertisement where a truck didn’t run over an echidna promoted unsafe driving came close. Hit the link for the full selection.

25 mad complaints to the ad standards board [Mumbrella]


  • I always mute advertisements. They never tell anything of value. I will find the information I need about products without the assistance of a biased promotion. In fact I hate their fake smiles and suggestions to hurry or phone now I prefer to download tv shows.

  • Funny, i tried that for a while, before i realised i was watching some of the (soundless) commercials closer than before, waiting to see when to turn sound back on.
    Best solution seems to be to record and watch the next day- I can watch adult(ish) content during peak time, and fast forward the ads.

  • I agree that most of these are only tongue in cheek and the complaints seem to be too serious. I find myself disagreeing that the complaint about Transperth ad is “mad”. I find it completely factual that C02 is in fact not a poisonous substance, and to label it so is laughable. But that being said, the issue seems to be the “Direction at children” part, so I could be missing the point.

  • you must be joking!
    I’m not going to waste my internet time watching the rubbish from commmercial tv. I think this breaks Lifehacker’s own guidelines for comments i.e. ‘excessively self-promotional, obnoxious, or even worse, boring’ there are far more important/interesting issues afoot

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