Get Your Bike Ready For A Ride With This 10-Point Checklist

Get Your Bike Ready For A Ride With This 10-Point Checklist

Before you head out for a bike ride, make sure your bike is safe and functioning properly with this pre-ride checklist. The infographic comes from the collaborative community GOOD. It highlights the 10 parts of your bicycle you should check and maintain, along with safety and comfort tips.

For example, check the handlebars for angle and height and make sure they’re secure.

Here’s the graphic in full, which you can save or print for your future reference:

For more details on bike maintenance, check out our guide to readying your bike for a ride.

Pre-Ride Bicycle Checklist [GOOD]


  • Also wipe chain dry after lubricating. The lubricant is needed only for the internals of the chain. The external parts don’t need it, and drying them reduces their ability to collect dust plus makes the chain much cleaner – handy if you ever need to remove the rear wheel or tune the gears.

  • I went to a recent course that suggested another way of quickly checking a bike is to pick it up and drop it back on its wheels. you should hear if anything major is wrong….

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