Ride Your Bike Comfortably Using An Old Sponge On The Pedals

Ride Your Bike Comfortably Using An Old Sponge On The Pedals

During the hot summer months, many of us enjoy a refreshing bike ride. For those of us who like to go barefoot, most bicycle pedals are rather uncomfortable. An easy solution to the problem is to use an old sponge for cushioning.

A sponge with a scrubber on one end works best. The scrubber grips your feet and you’ll slide less, especially in the rain. Note: Just like of barefoot running, there are some risk factors here, so be sure to read up on those before going barefoot bicycling.

Barefoot Friendly Bike Pedals [Instructables]


        • Yup.

          I use to cycle in thongs from Coogee to Manly (via ferries at Circular Quay) and Coogee to Hunters Hill (again via the fairies at Circular Quay).

          And occasionally on hot summer days (30+ deg) my thongs would get slippery dangerous. Not that often though, only a handful of times each year.

  • 1st bogan hack of 2015.

    2nd is to modify the ends of your handle bars as a beer bottle opener.

  • Yeah cause riding a bike barefoot is a completely safe thing to do. I never liked the ends of my toes anyway.

    Next up. How to wear a empty carton instead of a helmet.

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