Build Your Own Bike Light With A Spice Jar

Build Your Own Bike Light With A Spice Jar

If you ever ride your bike at night, lights are an absolute must. If you don’t have one handy, or just feel like tinkering, you can make your own with a small spice jar and a few spare parts.

You’ll need a spice jar with a plastic lid, an LED bulb, watch battery, some eye bolts, and a few other odds and ends. The light will attach to the screws of of the eye bolts, and the battery will wedge in between the eyes to power it. Once you have it working, a pair of hose clamps will keep it secured to your handle bars.

This won’t be incredibly bright, so it may be better-suited as a warning light to motorists than a true headlight, but it still looks fun to make. If you aren’t a fan of this design, you could try making one out of a garden hose adapter instead, and then create your own turn signal apparatus with an arduino.

How-To Tuesday: DIY Bike Light [Etsy]


  • This is dumb, 90% of a bike light is in the lens on the front. A single high output LED without a lens will basically at best make you visible to other people and at worst dazzle oncoming riders.

    Don’t be tight and spend the $10-15 on a cheap chinese bike lamp, dealextreme has hundreds of them for less than you could assemble this unless you have the bits and pieces sitting around already.

  • I’ve been a bike rider for probably 15 years, and even growing up in the country never really found it necessary to have a light when just riding on the road or paths. Roads are generally cleared incredibly regularly by cars of most hazards for a cyclist, it’s pretty safe.

    I find it more necessary for making sure vehicles see you – but even then, a bright coloured jacket and their headlights go a long way toward that, except in urban environments where you can’t see more than a few meters ahead kind of thing.

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