Store Bay Leaves In The Freezer, Not The Spice Drawer

Store Bay Leaves in the Freezer, Not the Spice Drawer

You probably like to keep all your spices and herbs together in one drawer or rack, but there's a good reason to separate bay leaves from the bunch.

Photo by Jiri Hera (Shutterstock)

The Kitchn says that if stored in the freezer, bay leaves will retain nearly as much flavour and aroma as a newly opened jar of bay leaves, while those stored in a drawer rapidly lose potency. Serious Eats notes another advantage: storing bay leaves in the freezer keeps them fresh for years.

Bay leaves are used in all sorts of dishes, especially soups, stews and sauces. Be right back. Gotta go move my jar of bay leaves.

The Best Place to Store Bay Leaves Is Not in Your Spice Drawer [TheKitchn]


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