Good Luck With Catchapolooza, You’re Going To Need It

Good Luck With Catchapolooza, You’re Going To Need It

Daily deals site Catch Of The Day is holding its annual Catchapolooza event this week, which will see a new product appear on the website every 30 minutes. Some of the tech deals on offer look pretty tempting, but as with previous Catchapoloozas, your chances of actually snagging one are perilously slim.

On Tuesday 26 March, Catch Of The Day will update its website every 30 minutes with a new discounted product. There are 24 deals in all, with items ranging from Havaiana thongs to Apple iPads

Below are some of the tech deals that Catch Of The Day has revealed ahead of time in a bid to whet bargain hunters’ appetites:

  • WD My Passport USB 3.0 hard drive (1TB): $49
  • Amazon Kindle (Wi-Fi): $19
  • iPad Mini (black): $199
  • Samsung Galaxy S3: $399
  • Go Pro HD Hero 3: $149.99

If any of the above deals have sparked your interest, there are a few things you need to be mindful of. Firstly, the promotion is only open to Catch Of The Day members, which means you’ll need to sign up to their daily email service. As we have noted in the past, daily deals websites aren’t always easy to unsubscribe from, although to its credit, Catch Of The Day does make the process pretty straightforward.

Less commendable is the website’s decision to offer exclusive Catchapolooza deals on its Facebook page and “superfast” access via its iOS app. Clearly, the company is using the promotion to net new members via any avenue it can think of.

Secondly, the website doesn’t signpost in advance what deals appear when — instead, they’re forcing everybody to stick around and wait for the deal they want to appear. Presumably you have better things to do than watch Catch Of The Day like a hawk all day, but unfortunately there’s no way around this.

On a final note, don’t set your hopes too high on bagging yourself a big ticket item. By Catch Of The Day’s own admission, quantities are extremely limited, with certain products expected to sell out mere seconds after appearing. Tellingly, the website refuses to disclose the amount of stock it carries of each item, which makes us suspect that it’s much closer to handfuls than hundreds.



  • I used to look forward to these kinds of sales, but it’s just not worth it anymore – it’s literally a lottery as to whether you’ll even be able to access their site for long enough to complete a transaction, and that’s even assuming there’s something you want on the off-chance that you do manage to get in.

    Bleh, thanks for the heads up. Will be avoiding Catch tomorrow.

  • I looked for a new “32G USB 3.0 Flash Drive” and a “32GB class 10 micro SD” on there last week and found them both cheaper with free delivery on eBay, both name brands too. They may have some deals if you’re quick but I’d still shop around first.

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