Evernote For Android Adds A New Camera Mode And Shortcuts Menu

Android: Evernote updated its Android app today, bringing in a new camera mode, a shortcuts menu, and support for the Evernote Smart Notebook.

The new camera feature includes the ability to take multiple shots and import them into a notebook automatically, as well as support for the Evernote Smart Notebook.

The new shortcuts menu is accessed by a swipe from the right of the screen. You can customise it so you get instant access to any note, notebook or tag you like. You can set shortcuts by tapping and holding on a note and selecting "Add Shortcut" from the options. Premium users also get a new document search, and the app gets a minor facelift to the notes section as well.

Evernote (free) [Google Play via The Evernote Blog]


    Evernote keeps getting better. I use this so much for everything, being cross platform really helps. iOS, Android and Web, it's really cross platform and immensely useful once you get the habit.

    I wouldn't mind seeing two factor authentication though.

    Camera mode? Shut up and take my internet!

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