Fix Your Broken Crap This Weekend

Feeling overwhelmed by junk and clutter? Selling it is always an option, but fixing broken items can gives them a new lease of life (and ups their resale value). Here are some repair projects to consider for the weekend.

Fix Your Smartphone

If you've recently decided to jailbreak your iOS 6 device, make sure you apply the weather fix patch. For more general iPhone jailbreak issues, troubleshoot with CrashReporter.

Some common errors are easier to fix. Resetting your network settings will fix package errors in Cydia. Slowness is a common problem among jailbroken phones, but it's not hard to fix that problem and speed your device back up.

Regular iPhone users may have experienced apps getting stuck during the install process, which you can fix by <a href="">tapping the app to pause it and then starting it over via the updates section in the iTunes App Store. If your issues is hardware-related, however, just consult iFixIt's guides for help resolving the problem yourself.

Android users have a wider variety of issues because they have more freedom in what they can do with their phones. This flowchart is a good place to start when you're looking for troubleshooting methods. We can also help you fix common Android annoyances.

If you're trying to figure out if a particular app is messing with your phone, safe mode is a good place to start. Hopefully you'll never "brick" your Android, but if that happens we have a guide to help you fix it.

Fix Your Computer

You won't have to fix your computer too often if you perform regular maintenance: we have guides on how to do that for Windows, Mac and Linux machines. We can also help you speed up your slow computer, repair a problematic hard drive, troubleshoot a flaky network, or improve your Wi-Fi signal. Computers are complicated machines, and many things can go wrong, but these common fixes and upgrades can help keep yours in top shape.

Fix Your Music Libraries

As music libraries grow, they become unwieldy. Tracks lose their ID3 tags, album art disappears, duplicates show up, and a variety of other problems occur. Fixing them all manually is time-consuming, but there are some ways to make the process easier. If metadata is your problem, we have acomplete guide to whipping it into shape. We also have several tips on getting your entire library clean and organised.

Fix Your Messed-Up Clothing

Have a bad zipper that doesn't work properly? Here's every fix you'll ever need. Did you accidentally shrink a shirt? Warm water and hair conditioner can restore it. If your shirt collars curl too much, iron on a patch. And, in the event you get (literally) crapped on, here's how to remove it properly.

Fix Your House or Apartment

Household issues happen often and the fastest way to resolve them is to fix the problem yourself. In the past we've shown you how to fix a stinky sink, repair a nail pop in your wall, loosen up a stuck drawer, unclog your toilet and fix a toilet valve. Much of the time it's just not worth paying for home repairs because you can do so many of them yourself for less.

Good luck fixing your stuff, and have a great weekend!


    Fix Your Broken Crap This Weekend Nah, mine generally come out well formed..!

      You are missing out mate, repairing things with your bare hands is extremely satisfying.

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