iOS Patch Fixes Broken Weather App On Jailbroken iOS 6

iOS 6 users can finally jailbreak their devices, but if you were one of the first people on the jailbreak wagon, you may have experienced a bug that broke your iPhone's weather app. This patch, available in Cydia, fixes it.

To install it, just open up Cydia and go to the "Changes" section. If you refresh, you should see a new package called UIKit Tools. Update that package and your crashing weather app should finally be fixed.

Update Released In Cydia To Fix iOS 6 Weather App Bug In Evasi0n [Cult of Mac]


    This doesn't work for me, even after a reboot...

      Turns out I needed to uninstall AppSync first, all good now

    I jailbroke my iPhone 5 and experienced the broken weather app. I installed this Cydia update earlier today and it worked. My weather app now works normally :)

    This killed my phone....had to put into restore mode and wipe/ then restore

    Only problem i've had with the jailbreak is that sms tones don't work. As in the ones that i download through cydia, apart from that it's awesome.

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