How To Fix Your Toilet With Aluminium Foil

How To Fix Your Toilet With Aluminium Foil

Is your toilet spraying disgusting, bacteria-infested water all over your bathroom whenever you flush? This could signal an expensive call to the plumber, or you could just grab some aluminium foil instead.

A toilet is not really something you enjoy, so when it breaks it’s not really something you want to pay to fix. The anonymous writer of finance Blog Debt Sucks discovered a way to fix his toilet with a wad of aluminium foil. He found that the fill valve was broken and causing water to spray everywhere when the toilet flushed. Rather than replacing the valve, a bunch of aluminium foil solved the problem all the same. While it might not be ideal in the long term, it’s cheaper and easier than calling a plumber. Just be sure to wash your hands when you’re done.

Quick and Cheap Toilet RepairThe Consumerist


  • I have come up with a cheaper more permanent fix using something that any household has and is normally put in the recycling bin – the plastic cap off a spray can. Just cut a 1cm wide strip up the side of the cap up to to the top, and fold the resulting tongue out at a right-angle. Place the cap over the valve with the tongue resting over the valve arm. Replace the cistern lid, which will hold down the cap – ad some rubber padding over the cap in need to bulk up the contact with the lid. Also, turning the water flow down slightly at the inlet tap will reduce the pressure on the valve.

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