Lifehacker Pack For iPhone 2013: Our List Of The Best iPhone Apps

Lifehacker Pack For iPhone 2013: Our List Of The Best iPhone Apps

The iPhone has the largest selection of apps in the mobile sphere, but that means it’s also the most frustrating platform when it comes to making worthwhile choices. For our fourth annual Lifehacker Pack for iPhone, we’re highlighting the apps that help you stay productive, connected, informed and entertained.

The Lifehacker Pack is a yearly snapshot of our favourite, must-have applications for each major computing and mobile platform. If you’re curious to see how things have changed this year, here’s last years Lifehacker pack for iPhone.


Mailbox and Sparrow

Sparrow is our favourite email client for the iPhoneour pick goes to Mailbox

Download page for Mailbox and Sparrow


our favourite

Download page


adore DraftsSimplenote

Download page


a stack of great features

Download page

If This Then That

If This Then ThatiPhone app is just as powerful

Download page

Instapaper, Pocket or Readability

its own set of benefits and downsides

Download page for Instapaper, Pocket,or Readability


Reeder for iPhone is still our favourite RSS readerFeedly

Download page



have a few other good options

Download page

Google Hangouts or Skype

Download page for Google Hangouts and Skype

Imo Instant Messenger

Download page


Download page


our favourite Twitter client on the iPhone

Download page


Google Maps

Download page


Reminders should have been

Download page

Find My iPhone

Download page



it’s lacking in awesome tweaks and downloadsin all sorts of ways

Jailbreak your phone


Download page

Music, Photos, Video


We’re big fans of Downcast

Download page

Pandora or Spotify

native music streaming in iOS 7

Download Pandora or Spotify

Panamp or Track 8

Download Panamp or Track 8


desktop app

Download page

PlayerXtreme HD

still manages to be our favorite

Download page

Kindle or iBooks

Download iBooks or Kindle


Download page

Food and Entertainment


Download page


If you eat out often then the Yelp app is very useful. As well as reviews, it’s a good source up-to-date information about opening hours, specials and BYO options.

Download page


  • Chrome: Third-party browsers on the iPhone get a bad rap because Apple restricts them from being as fast as Safari,

    Since you’ve mentioned Cydia, I’ll pipe up and mention there’s a Cydia App called Nitrous, which opens up Apple’s Javascript engine to all apps. I believe it is paid, however. Using this, the newly uninhibited Chrome is still not as fast as Safari on all fronts, but this certainly helps.

    While I’m at in, I’ll suggest an alternative to Plex: Air Video. I had issues setting up the Plex server-side host on some systems, but AirVideo worked nicely. Playback is smooth and fairly straightforward. Again, it’s not paid (however this is just a normal app on the Apple App Store), but it’s worth the $3 (?) for me. There’s a free trial that just limits the number of items in each folder that you can see to 3. In other words, it makes it impractical for normal use, but more than enough to test that it suits your needs.

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