Fix iOS Apps Stuck ‘Waiting’ During Installation

Fix iOS Apps Stuck ‘Waiting’ During Installation

Ever have one of those apps you’re trying to install on your iPhone or iPad that just refuses to get past the “Waiting” screen and start the installation process? It’s annoying, but tech blog Digital Inspiration shares a few of the trick to fix the process.

When you open up the iTunes App Store and try to install an app, occasionally the process hangs at the “Waiting” screen, and you’re stuck sitting there waiting for it to do something. To fix this, you’ll need to do one of four things:

  1. You can download the app on your computer using iTunes and then sync to transfer the app to your iPhone /iPad.
  2. Or long-tap the icon on the home screen until the icons begins to shake. Now delete the “waiting” app and reinstall it from the iTunes store. This isn’t the best option as you may lose some of the custom settings that were previously associated with the app.
  3. Or single tap the app’s icon on the home screen and it will pause the download. Now go back to the iTunes Apps store, switch to the “Updates” screen and click “Update” to resume the download. This is what I do on my iOS device and the fix works most of the times.
  4. Or go to Settings -> iTunes & App Stores and tap the Apple ID to sign-out. Restart the iPad, go back to Settings -> iTunes Apps Store and sign-in. Tap the waiting icon to update the app.

I’ve had the best luck on iOS 6 with the third method listed here, especially when I’m upgrading five or six apps at once. Your mileage may vary though, so try any of the above.

How to Download iOS Apps Stuck on “Waiting..” [Digital Inspiration]


  • The iTunes Store app is always one of the buggiest POS features of every major iOS update. Not only is it stalling on installs, but is constantly confused as to if there are apps to update, or it has already done them. Often I have a screen that says I have apps to update, as well as it telling me all apps are up to date.

    I can’t wait for iOS 6 to come out of beta-testing.

  • You are a genius I tried the 4th option seemed the best and it worked. I was ready to restore after trying everything like removing stuff off cydia ect
    I think ICLEANER caused the fault for me now I see the light again after this simple trick. Thank u thank u

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