Fix Android Problems With This Troubleshooting Flowchart

When your Android phone or tablet stops working properly, it could be an app or the system itself causingthe issue. This fix-it flowchart from Lifehacker alum and Android book author Kevin Purdy can walk you through diagnosing and solving the problem.

Just start at the top and work your way down to go through the three-step troubleshooting process for your Android device: (click to expand)

Hit the link below for more information and to grab the chart as a PDF download, which is easier to print out.

A fix-it flowchart for fixing or resetting Android devices [ITworld]


    Nothing on the chart about slow boot times. When I first bought my TF101 it ran Gingerbread and booted reasonably fast, now I'm running ICS and it's as slow as treacle to boot up.. :(
    Not that I'd want to go back to Gingerbread though, I just hope they upgrade it to JB but it's not looking good at the moment..

    LOL. Only an Android user could think this coma-inducing guide would be useful.

      aaaand there it is.

      You really can't help yourselves, can you

      Only an apple user would find a simple flowchart coma-inducing

    This is the worst flowchart I have seen in my entire life...

      Yeah, it is worthless. This has nothing to do with diagnosis and actual fixing. If you think it is an app, load Watchdog task monitor and wait for it to find misbehaving apps (Facebook grrr), uninstall crap that ends up in the list. The other side of the chart is just: Update your custom firmware or factory reset, instructions akin to "have you tried turning it off and on again?". Sigh...

    So what if you have 4.1 or later, and the safemode-uninstall doesn't help?

    The apple iphone guide to fixing a problem.

    Problem ----> Reboot ---> Laugh at the Android users following the guide above.

      You mean just deal with it yeah...?

      The Apple iPhone guide to fixing a problem:

      Problem ---> You're holding it wrong ---> New iPhone is out, buy that instead ---> Return to step 1.

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