Briefly: Uber Hits Melbourne, Free Space For Box

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including the arrival of Uber in Melbourne and how to score more space on Box.

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  • App-driven chauffeured car service has arrived in Melbourne, following a launch in Sydney last year. (Our pro tip: there are more people who want to use Uber than cars right now!)
  • We've offered plenty of tips for getting free Dropbox spacein the past, so here's one for potential users of Box on Android: you can score an additional 10GB (a total of 15GB rather than 5GB) by signing up for Box using the Astro File Manager app (via OzBargain).
  • The Commonwealth Bank has brought its Property Guide app to Android. The free app, which lets you track pricing history for properties and includes augmented reality features, was previously iOS-only.


    Where's Angus the language Nazi when you need him? "...Bank has bought its Property Guide app to Android.."

      He's busy hiding shame-faced in the corner. Thanks for the spot, corrected now.

    Damn, "bought" was supposed to be in italics.

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