Lifehacker Awards 2012: Nominate Your Favourite Mobile Broadband

Our 2012 Lifehacker Awards nomination process continues. Today, we're seeking your candidates for the best mobile broadband provider.

There are some obvious choices here (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone), but let's not forget the other companies that also resell those services. Whichever mobile broadband you rely on, nominate it in the comments and we'll build a shortlist. Voting begins next Monday!


    Telstra. There only really are two mobile networks in Australia: Telstra and Optus. Optus of which has grossly oversold it's backhaul.

    Telstra - no doubt. I have sims for all three networks (for work), it has the best coverage, least dropouts and fastest network. I really hope Voda's 4g upgrade will fix their network. Its worth the extra expense.

    Telstra 4g hands down.

    I used to be quite happy with my Virgin version of Optus but it's pretty useless at night time around here now. -1 Virgin

    Amaysim is actually amazing...

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