Apple’s New iPad Air And mini With Retina Display: Full Australian Pricing

Apple’s New iPad Air And mini With Retina Display: Full Australian Pricing

Apple will release a slimmer, faster iPad, the iPad Air, on 1 November and an iPad Mini with retina display later that month — and Australia will be the first country in the world to see them. If you’re ready for an iPad upgrade, here’s what you’ll pay. No steep Australia tax on these, thank goodness, unlike the Mac Pro — though the older iPad 2 has gone up in price!

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The 16GB Wi-Fi iPad Air will cost $598; the 32GB version is $699, the 64GB is $799, and the 128GB costs $899. The SIM-card equipped models in the same sizes cost $749, $849, $949 and $1049 respectively.

iPad 2 models which remain on sale are the 16Gb Wi-Fi model at $449 and the 16GB 3G model at $598. Very strangely, those prices are actually higher than they were earlier this week, when Apple was selling them for $429 and $569 respectively.

The mini with Retina display costs $479 for the 16GB version, $598 for 32GB, $699 for 64GB and $799 for 127GB. The SIM-equipped models costs $629, $749, $849 and $949 respectively. The original mini has dropped slightly in price to $349 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model (down from $369) or $499 (down from $509) for the 16GB SIM-equipped model.


  • Why keep iPad 2 instead of the “New iPad”?
    And then, how do they justify selling not even last year’s model at a higher price??
    I’m annoyed solely cause I was hoping an iPad price drop would put downward price pressure on a device I actually want to buy (ie Note 8 or G Pad).

    • I dont think Apple really intend to sell too many units of the iPad 2. My gut feeling is that its simply there to act as a lower price point decoy to get people interested to buy an iPad, then when they visit the shop to actually buy it they are upsold/coerced into buying the far superior iPad Air ” for just $100 more”. Particulary because they have actually increased the price of the iPad 2 to make the price difference even more minimal and to be able to say “100 bucks difference gets you 4x the res and X times the power”. If they had offered say the iPad 4 as the lowend product then there is far less difference in performance and the buyer would be less willing to be upsold to the iPad Air.

      Smart move really.

    • Probably in the order of 250-300 to the right person.. Though it’s an Apple product they keep their resale value, so yeah.

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